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Everyone is raving about this $25 Charcoal Teeth Whitener

Everyone is raving about this $25 Charcoal Teeth Whitener

October 17, 2020

Active Wow’s Charcoal Teeth Whitener is only $25 and has thousands of reviews

Featured in Buzzfeed: This Charcoal Teeth Whitener Is So Good, I'm Convinced It's Actually Magic

Buy it here ➡ Active Wow Charcoal Teeth Whitening

I don’t know about you, but I want sparkly white teeth without having to pay a fortune. 😁 Not to mention that some whitening methods can be painful and frustrating.

I have sensitive teeth so I can’t use chemicals on them – it’s a big pain in the butt. You know the struggle is real, so I have a solution for you – this $25 teeth whitener is 100% natural and made in the USA. It will make you look like Beetle Juice in the process, but the results are worth it!

Before you peace out and say it doesn’t work, check out how many people are seeing results!

Active Wow Over 16,500 reviews on Amazon


It has over 16,500 reviews with a 4.4 star rating! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

If your convinced by now, go check it out by clicking right here, if not read on.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Check out the results people are seeing below 👇

Neil was skeptical at first but gave it a try anyways and is loving the results:

Source: / Neil R Goheen

Shelby says its easy and painless – whitening strips made her teeth hurt for days but the charcoal was a great alternative:

Source: / shelby

Verstappen says its messy but definitely works – saw results after 3 days:


Source: / Verstappen

Sharnoosh says that she’s used it 5 times and saw results by brushing gently:


Source: / Sharnoosh Shafie


Active Wow Is Quick and easy

Best part of all of this is, it only takes a couple of minutes and you can use any toothbrush you have already (although some people are saying it’s better to use a spare one).

Buzzfeed is loving it too: 

You can buy it here ➡ Active Wow Charcoal Teeth Whitening $24.99


Bridges San Mateo
Bridges San Mateo

August 16, 2018

Informative blog! These are some really unique teeth whitening tips! This blog was exactly what I was looking for. It had some great tips that I am excited to give a try. Thanks for sharing entire things and everybody can get lot more things.
Bridges San Mateo

Caitlin J Foster
Caitlin J Foster

November 18, 2017

This product is absolutely amazing !

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