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Strawberry Green Tea Lemonade Recipe Ft. Glowing Skin!

Strawberry Green Tea Lemonade Recipe Ft. Glowing Skin!

May 18, 2021

This drink tastes like SUMMER! 

In case the sunshine hasn’t made you swap pants for shorts, a sip of this Strawberry Green Tea Lemonade definitely will. This refreshing beverage is perfect for a night on the patio, a post-workout recovery, a Sunday brunch, or an afternoon pick-me-up. And it includes all of the benefits from our Glowing Skin drinkable skincare. 

What is Active Wow’s Glowing Skin?

Glowing Skin is a 6-in-1 blend of powerful ingredients that help restore the natural beauty of your skin, hair and nails. With ingredients such as biotin, hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamin C and vitamin E, you can expect to strengthen your skin, hair and nails, help reduce the appearance of fine lines, enhance your skin’s radiance, fight free radicals, and smooth, brighten and hydrate your skin.

The Strawberry Green Tea Lemonade Recipe

This drink is quite easy to make (while being instagram worthy too). Here are the step-by-steps! 

Serves: 2
Calories: 130


  • 2 tea bags of green tea 
  • 1 cup water 
  • 2 tbsps lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup lemonade 
  • 1 cup strawberries 
  • 1/2 cup sparkling water 
  • 1 cup of ice 
  • 1 scoop of Glowing Skin 


  1. Boil a cup of water and steep 2 bags of green tea in it for about 10 minutes. You can add extra bags of tea if you’d like a stronger taste. 
  2. Add 2 tbsps of lemon juice and let it cool in the pitcher for 30 minutes. 
  3. Add 1 cup of ice and transfer the pitcher into the fridge for 1 hour.  
  4. Puree the strawberries and Glowing Skin in a food processor or blender. 
  5. Mix the strawberry and Glowing skin puree with the ice and green tea pitcher. 
  6. Top with ½ cup of sparkling water and 2 tbsps of lemonade. Enjoy! 

For the full list of the ingredients inside of our powerful Glowing Skin, check it out here.

We’ve seen you get creative with some beauty drink recipes…. And we love to see it. If you have a game-changing recipe that you’d like us to share, let us know! Just tag us @activewow or send us a quick DM. 

Let’s take care of our skin and health together. 

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